Friday, October 23, 2009

Zen in one one in Zen

I speak of Zen in my life as I settle in each moment of what I call the Now. Ok it took me a great deal of patience to get there but I waited and so did patience. Once you have achieved this part of Awareness in your life your path broadens as to not be complacent there even though there is stillness, a pond never sleeps and it never looks the same. It is change that brings the picture a better hue in ones eye as one opens up his/her canvas in total blank and lets the moment take charge of the well being you are. Now you and Zen are mingled in the Art of Zen.
A certain type of symmetrical and assymetrical geometry is formed as it is a meshing of both that makes it complete and harmonious but always changing. Discover these changes and you will see Zen in every aspect of your life. To me it is of great pleasure to be in the oneness of Zen as I have discovered this form of life back in January 1985, but came fully Aware of its presence just recently. It is a martial art in itself as well. The use of human body and Soul in a grand masterpiece of total being and wisdom included.
If you look for Zen, you will never find it, but it knows you. It cannot be found in dogmas, doctrines, books or movies or others. It is a oneness of your own inherent nature that you were born with. As it is central to your core being, it pulls you in the depths deeper in your Soul. OK, I did read about this in Alan Watts books on Zen and Phillip Kapleau but to me I dropped this books and asked myself that it is someone elses opinion on this,even though it was a platform, I wished to be complete with myself and no other.
In the patience of Zen, it comes in the form of two different types of meditations. One being Zazen and the other being in Vipassana. I combined the two being as one in stillness and setting my Awareness deeper.
I cannot explain this because it just comes natural. My manner of eating, speaking, writing, listening( a big part of Zen) and even walking has changed because of Zen. I go to work Now in what I call whatever is and it is.I do not see what is beyond that as I said I make it as artful as I can with it, and to much of my appreciation with it. All I can really say is that this is great way of Life and it all comes from accepting what is, allowing what is and letting go what is...Enjoy and hope you find your Zen as well as I did.
A thousand mountains I have climbed but came back here in the stillness from those mountains that no longer exist, for I am here Now and Now here I am. Does life allow you to see the true nature of this statement?
Dom*Colucci..Now and only Now(+)

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