Friday, October 23, 2009

Zen and the big circle

Did you ever hear of the Enso?..It is the symbol of Zen as it is called the"Circle"..Now I have been examining the whole picture as you do in Zen and not judge what is in front of you and came up with an interesting conclusion about the analogy of itself and here is what I came up with with Zen and its circle.
Central theme of Zen is in its Enlightenment, as it is the center core of nothingness that makes you Enlightened. OK, next if you are center core, Now look outside yourself. What do you see? To me it is an illusion that is being presented in your subjective reality but look again. It is what Buddhists call the "Wheel". OK,Now that we have that covered does Enso look familiar to you Now.
Now go beyond that and there is this HUGE VOID..Now when I look at that void, I can only think to myself that the "Wheel" is moving in the void and who is moving the "Wheel"..basically nothing but you...In a way you came into this world as a starting point on the "wheel" and eventually have an end point as in death but as soon as you detach from it you are on your way to Enlightenment. If you notice when you are in your world, you try to make the squares fit the rounds and does not work as it is egoic but its twin is Enlightenment. This is how ego loses as it is a part of the "Wheel" to divide, conquer and criticize and judge, but the center always remains intact..and does not go beyond the bounds of what is..because it is...
So in conclusion remember, you are already Enlightened as soon as you detach from the "Wheel" your center core comes in alignment with your core of your Spirit..Here is a website below that will let you see how this works from detachment..enjoy and a wikipedia brief description as well...
Good luck on your way to seek liberation from the Objective world and live in the openness of the Enso and enjoy Zen*

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