Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sweetest Flower of God's Garden*

Sweetest Flower of God's Garden, with love*

I am going through life with knowing of my heart
But it was difficult to know as I let God do my part
I stumble with no grace and pity with shame
To see everyone avoid me but they still know my name
It is a direction of the Lord that keeps me Aware
As God pulls me through life with my cross to bear
Yet strangely enough I seem to let go
And Now the cross I had is a sail going with the flow
A few more trials to surpass and move on
It is a feeling of TRUST in God as it is a cemented bond
I end up on a website with intent from above
And Now I see my happiness with the Sweetest Flower of God's Garden, with love*
Dom* Colucci 2009

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