Saturday, October 24, 2009


OK...I gotta get this out of me and NOW is the right time to do it as time never existed on this big blue marble...I just had another epiphany on what the NOW truly is...Only when you become fully Aware of who you are this is really when it truly don't kid yourself and don't step outside yourself.
The NOW is so short, simple and sweet it goes like this..Where are you at right Now? NOW right here. That is all you need to know as this aligns everything in the being of who you are as you are connected to the whole Universe fixed in what it truly is and it points back at as well stands right behind you and all the points on the compass....When you are here you need not be anywhere else but in alignment with the NOW(+)
To see this work one must have a positive attitude, accept whatever and I mean whatever is dished in front of them and ask no questions or resist because that is out of balance and not aligned like a autos wheel without the center hub enjoy your life Now and Now will enjoy you*
Dom*Colucci living in the Now same as it ever was Now

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